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Admissions Procedure and Requirements

The Admissions Decision Committee utilizes a selection process to find qualified students to enter the degree programs. College level ability is necessary to become successful at NESCom, especially in areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. In performance concentrations, a strong aptitude in speech is required. It has been a long-standing tradition of NESCom to ask every applicant to interview for enrollment. The interview gives the applicant (and parents) an opportunity to see the campus facilities, studios, and labs. In a confidential one-on-one basis, an applicant can ask questions, discuss his/her academic history, and expound on personal accomplishments and related experiences. As part of the registration process, each non-transfer applicant is required to take a placement test prior to scheduling. Finally, the interview session allows the applicant to hear, in a candid manner, some of the specifics of college life, academia, and his/her chosen career path.