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Alpha Beta Kappa

National Honor Society
Established September 23, 1977

Since 1995, the New England School of Communications® has participated in the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society, a national society which recognizes and acknowledges outstanding graduates of private career colleges and schools.  Membership qualifications include a GPA of 3.5 or above, excellence in the classroom, studio and laboratory work, leadership and service in class and school activities, personal integrity and good moral character.

The fact that an individual is elected to membership in this honor fraternity sets her or him apart as an exemplar of personal integrity and excellence. Alpha Beta Kappa is the only Honor Society in the arts, sciences, trades, business, technical and general studies. Alpha Beta Kappa places Chapters in Nationally accredited institutions which have demonstrated high standards over a period of several years in the education and training of women and men in the numerous fields, trades and occupations essential to modern society. The major purpose of the Society is to encourage and recognize superior student academic achievement, character and leadership.

Membership Benefits:
  • National Student Recognition
  • Alpha Beta Kappa is the only Honor Society in America that represents degree granting institutions, junior colleges, senior colleges, and student- centered private career schools
  • Outstanding Graduates can list the distinction of membership in Alpha Beta Kappa on all future resumes when pursuing employment
  • Information (point of contacts) to arrange networking opportunities with other Chapters can be arranged upon request
  • Each honor graduate elected to membership receives a personalized membership certificate which includes the name of the school, the Chapter name, the date of graduation and our official Alpha Beta Kappa gold seal of distinction
  • To accompany these certificates, each outstanding graduate also receives our Honorary Alpha Beta Kappa Gold Key. Professionally die-struck, sandblasted and polished, each Gold Key bears the Greek letters A.B.K., a five- pointed star, laurel branches, and two of the finest words in any language — "Integrity" and "Excellence."
  • As an added service, each honor graduate also receives a special congratulatory letter from Alpha Beta Kappa, a narrative about our society, and upon request a letter of reference which graduates can use when seeking employment

Institutional Benefits:
  • Membership in the National Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society supports admissions
  • Membership helps to recruit better students
  • Membership publicly demonstrates that the institution is Quality-Driven
  • Membership helps to promote programs and the effectiveness of the institution's education and training
  • Membership builds morale; and serves as a tremendous tribute to teachers
  • Membership inspires current students, encourages superior student achievement, character, and leadership, and gives the "best students" the special distinction they deserve
  • Membership demonstrates that the institution is committed to students. More importantly, membership will bring honor and earned recognition to those individuals who have worked so diligently to learn a marketable skill
  • The New England School of Communications is proud to say our ABK chapter grows with each graduating class, and that the majority of our full time and adjunct faculty are members of the local chapter of Alpha Beta Kappa