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About The New England School of Communications

Wildey Communications CenterAt Husson University, the New England School of Communications (NESCom) is home to approximately 500 students who are working towards Bachelor of Science degrees in Communications Technology, Mass Communications and Entertainment Production. Students within the Communications Technology degree may choose a concentration in Audio Engineering, Live Sound Technology, Video Production or WebMedia. Students within the Mass Communications degree may choose a concentration in Journalism, Marketing Communications, Radio Broadcasting, or Sports Journalism.

Our Mission
The New England School of Communications® prepares students for careers in the broad field of communications. We educate students in the applied technology and content consistent with the platforms that they will be using in their professions. Our instruction is designed to give students not only the critical knowledge but also the technical skills they will need to be successful in their chosen careers.

Statement of Core Values
The faculty, staff and administration of NESCom® share these values in pursuing our educational mission.  

Career preparation is a primary focus to better prepare our students for the first day of work.  

Technology is of extreme importance in the communications industry and we strive to train students with equipment and software that is currently in use.

Work Ethic
A strong work ethic and sense of humility are important characteristics that will help our students to be successful in the work force. 

Broad-based Learning
Educating our students across a variety of media platforms broadens students’ abilities and allows them a wider range of future opportunities. 

Life Skills 
Creativity and problem solving capabilities, crucial in our college environment and in the communications industry, are taught and modeled by faculty.  

Practical Experience
Students are offered early and frequent opportunities to practice the knowledge and skills learned. 

Delivering value to our students for the tuition they pay is an obligation our school takes seriously.  

Accepting students from a broad range of academic, economic and cultural backgrounds and giving them a fair opportunity to succeed enriches not only the life of our students but also the college.

Our History
The New England School of Communications® began as the New England School of Broadcasting in 1981, to train students for positions in the broadcasting and allied fields. From a downtown location NESB purchased the "Broadcast House" in 1983, and an up-to-date facility was built.

The move proved to be temporary as the School grew rapidly. In 1985, NESB moved to a facility on the campus of Husson College and continued to grow by providing housing, dining, a gymnasium and other campus amenities.

In 1997, NESCom merged with Husson and became a wholly owned subsidiary. In 2001, a new Communication Center, the Wildey Communication Center was established. A new wing was added in 2004 to the Wildey Communication Center to accommodate its expanding student body.  In 2014, the New England School of Communications officially became part of the academic community of Husson University as it was integrated as the fifth school and college of the University.