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Students often find that after their aid is applied there is still a balance due on their account. We suggest considering the following options to pay this balance:

1. If your household budget can afford monthly payments NESCom offers a 0% interest/fees payment plan. To determine your payments we simply take your semester balance (listed on your invoice) and divide it by 3 payments. To participate in this plan, fill out the Payment Plan that was included with your invoice and return it with the first payment by the due date listed on the invoice.  

2. If you are looking to pay for your semester balance by credit or debit card, NESCom will happily accept Visa and Mastercard. If you would like to be set up on an automatic debit plan, complete the Payment Plan that was included with your invoice and return it to us with a note indicating you would like to have your payments automatically removed from an account. Call us at 1.888.877.1876 when you are ready to have the first payment withdrawn and have your card information ready. 

3. Consider a Parent PLUS Loan. It is credit based and a parent borrows, but interest rate on this loan is 7.9%. If a parent applies for the PLUS loan and is declined, the student may be eligible for more Unsubsidized Stafford Loan. If they are approved for the loan, but decide not to borrow, simply notify the Financial Aid Office.  

4. There are private loans (also known as alternative loans) that bridge the gap but these kinds of loans should be a last resort option because they generally have variable interest rates that change often and typically have higher interest rates than the Federal Stafford and PLUS loan programs. Borrowing an alternative loan in your Freshman year should be the last option you utilize.