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Video Facilities

The Television Studio

Television Studio
This multi-purpose 16 x 9 studio incorporates a versatile configuration that serves both newscasts, public affairs shows and post production needs. A wide variety of lighting instruments and the latest technology available affords students access to the tools needed to become proficient in a studio environment before leaving school.

Field Production

Field Production Photos
The NESCom Video Production Department understands the importance of graduates entering the workforce with a diverse collection of knowledge and skills. Our field production equipment offers our students what they need to envision, create, and deliver content for the new generation. Dollies, jibs, high powered light kits, and high definition digital filmmaking cameras make your vision a reality.

Television Production Control

Production Control Photos

The NESCom Video Production Department has the industry standard Grass Valley packages in a Kayak High Definition 48 input/24 output video production switcher. Our Chyron LEx3 is a graphics powerhouse that can be found in broadcast houses across the country. Our Miranda Kaleido-X multi-viewer is the new generation of production room display monitor systems used by major networks.

High Definition Post Production Suite 1

High Definition Studio
This post production edit suite offers all the power and programs essential for creating the perfect High-Def video for any distribution platform. The Blue Sky 5.1 surround sound monitoring system adds critical listening to this fiber driven 26 terabyte high end experience. From Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro Suite, DaVinci REsolve, Photoshop, After Effects, Color, Illustrator, and a large array of third party plug-ins, this comfortable room offers everything you need for the highest quality production.

High Definition Post Production Suite 2

High Definition Lab 2
We want our students to have access to the tools they need to be successful, that’s why we have a second High-Def edit suite to compliment our extensive hands on curriculum. The 26 Terabyte fiber storage backbone offers students the ability to share creative content across our entire network. If you can imagine your compositing dream, it is possible in this room.

High Definition Post Production Suite 3

High Definition Lab 3
NESCom's HD Post Production Finishing Suite was designed to give students a work environment that provides them with the same tools that they'll find at any major market production house. Equipped with both Avid and Final Cut platforms as well as numerous graphic programs, HD3 features Euphonix control surfaces. Outfitted with a full 5.1 surround sound system and a multi-screen monitor bank, students work with clients to create upper-level projects that are destined to be included in their demo reel.

Television Master Control

Master Control

The High Definition digital television facility is located adjacent to the television studio. A Grass Valley aes/ebu digital router provides the backbone for signals being processed on and off campus. Our re-designed work area are home to a six channel EVS server and IP director stations. The NESCom Broadcast Network is a multi-platform distribution engine that provides content to multiple broadcast outlets throughout the greater Bangor area as well as streaming video for the web. The advanced fiber network allows multiple live video and audio access points across the entire university campus, including the sports complex and the Gracie Theatre.

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Video Production Edit Lab 1

Video Editing Lab
Mac Pro towers are the centerpiece of this intimate six position lab environment. This region of our edit facility is our mid-level High-Def instructional area geared for individual student attention with our staff. When classes are not in session, students work in a community atmosphere emulating industry practices and promoting a team approach and creativity to projects.

Video Production Edit Lab 2

Final Cut Pro/Avid Instructional Lab 2
This custom designed instructional space is optimized for student/instructor interaction. This 1st floor, twelve station edit lab is one of two in the Wildey Communication Center. Maximum enrollment of 12 students allows for a very low student to instructor ratio. Advanced video compositing, 3D Animation, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Color Correction, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator are just a few of the skills sharpened in this high powered video production lab.