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Last Rung LAFF awards

Winner 2012 Lewiston Auburn Film Festival Best Maine Film & Best Short Film

Video Production and Audio Engineering students of the New England School of Communications spent the spring 2011 semester working on an adaption of the Stephen King short story “The Last Rung On The Ladder”.

Here, a student involved in the adaptation recaps the project:

"When we were given this project over a year ago, we were excited for this opportunity to show not only what the New England School of Communications has taught us, but also what we students were capable of.

With the efforts of Joe Giordano, Scott Heidrich, Cory Landroche, Mike Magilnick, Emily Nason, Lucas Stewart, Godfrey Taylor and other students, the process of putting together the New England School of Communication’s adaptation of Stephen King’s short story, “The Last Rung on the Ladder” has been a long, but successful process. During pre-production, the finalization of the script, choosing the cast, the crew and the locations were completed. Actual shooting lasted for over two months and we are currently in the post-production phase of editing. We are hoping to publicly screen the short digital film this coming fall. >

We have shot at over six locations, including Hollywood Slots and Raceway; they have been very helpful by providing us with a location for four scenes. We have received a large amount of support from the community, as several local businesses have offered their assistance.

A large portion of the piece was filmed in an authentic farmhouse and historic barn in Monmouth, Maine. The family that resides at the location was extremely friendly and accommodating; we wouldn’t have a film in the works if it wasn’t for their tremendous help and hospitality.

Originally published in Stephen King’s 1978 collection Night Shift, “The Last Rung on the Ladder” is a story about loss and regret. Under Lucas Stewart's direction, Godfrey Taylor’s screenplay of a brother-sister bond is brought to life by Allen Adams, Dawson Tucker, and Lillian Ashby. This story strikes the heart in a way that makes us step back from our everyday life, and re-assess ourselves and the lives we live."

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