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Knowledge of Flash, Photoshop, ImageReady, Dreamweaver and dozens of other software applications is required for a career in WebMedia. You'll work with these applications and create web sites that will satisfy clients and generate lots of attention. Courses in WebMedia Imaging, Video Production, Web Design, and Digital Photography will give you the technical tools needed for positions as a web designer, multimedia specialist, and web content manager. Channeling your creativity and your imagination on the Web is within your reach.

WebMedia offers you a wide perspective of topics related to website design. They acquire a core understanding of what makes good websites,from visual design, content, structure and navigation, functionality,and interactivity, all from the perspective of a web designer; using industry standard techniques (XHTML and CSS) and tools. The WebMedia concentration is about capturing the viewer's attention. You'll create interactive web pages for today's consumers, including graphics, audio, streaming, and photography. Also, Students will learn the pros and cons of internet marketing, and learn about a web design project process from initial client interaction through post-launch follow-up.

Students are also exposed to web applications and as such are introduced to JavaScript, PHP, and ActionScript in order to enable them to more easily integrate dynamic web components developed by others. Students will also use the most up-to-date versions of industry standard tools.