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Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology - WebMedia

The Internet in one way or another has become a part of our daily lives. From online banking, to researching a product and social media, we are using not only our desktop computers, but also mobile devices as the public is “on the go” looking for immediate answers and quick encounters with family and friends. The WebMedia field evolves and innovates as technology and creative ideas take hold in the technology marketplace. WebMedia is no longer about just designing a basic website, it’s about how that website will display on all your devices, and it’s about maximizing content and contact time. It’s about the discovery of consumer behavior on the web and how they can find and use information. It’s about how a business can sell its services or products, whether on a desktop site or through an app.

In WebMedia we start with the fundamentals from the visuals, and structure to working with clients. Our WebMedia program takes a unique approach that follows the development of knowledge and skills in the presentation and appearance, the introduction of content and the functionality of searching not only you how to build a website or application. You will work with real clients to provide real life experiences and build your portfolio. You will also have the opportunity to take courses in marketing, video production, graphic design and digital photography expanding your skillset, to make you more marketable. If you are looking for a university with experienced faculty, an affordable and quality degree, then you are in the right place!